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Your Local Cremation Experts & Hospice Collaboration Specialists

At Cremation-With-Care we’re local, family owned, and dedicated to providing a higher standard of service. Simply affordable cremation is all we do.
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A Higher Standard Of Service

Rest assured that every cremation is performed with dignity & respect in accordance with the highest level of ethical cremation standards & procedures by a local certified cremation specialist.
We’ve made it easy to arrange a simple & affordable direct cremation right from the comfort, convenience & safety of your home over the phone & via email.
TALK WITH AN EXPERT. If you have just experienced the death of a family member or friend please accept our sincerest condolences. We’re standing by to respond to your call, expedite transport of your loved one and answer your questions with compassion & sensitivity…because your trust & confidence is essential.
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Simple Cremation Includes

  • Transporation of your loved one from the place of death into our care.
  • Sheltering of deceased in climate controlled refrigeration (required by law).
  • Filing of all necessary documents & permits.
  • Placement of deceased into an “alternative container” (not included) required by Law.
  • The cremation process.
  • Placement of cremated remains in a temporary container, or you may choose to purchase a worthy cremation vessel(s), such as an urn, family keeepsakes, and/or cremation jewelry.
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Helping Hearts Heal

Our White Glove Service

Includes FREE Hand Delivery
of Cremated Remains

Hospice Collaboration Specialists

The owners & staff of Cremation-With-Care funeral home along with their exclusive provider network appreciate the trust that families and hospice caregivers place in us and we constantly strive to be deserving of that trust.

At no time will family members be without support. The strong attachments and trust developed in one supportive environment (hospice) are shared and transferred to another (Cremation-With-Care) as the family moves through the process of dying, death & bereavement.

Three urns

Honoring Wonderful Lives ®

A cremation urn captures a person’s personality and individuality while honoring that wonderful life. We offer a wide selection of affordable cremation urns, family keepsakes, unique cremation jewelry and other worthy cremation vessels. 

We're Shipping Experts

Every year hundreds of families entrust the Logistic Specialists of Cremation-With-Care to send the cremated remains of their loved one’s home.

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Local Crematory & Transport Services
Throughout 18 Florida Counties

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Our team of crematory & transport professionals are local and on call in your community 24/7.
We’re here when it matters most providing guidance & understanding.
There’s nothing dignified about paying more.
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We Honor the Dignity of Those Entrusted To Our Care

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